CSV.lv robot

CSV.lv is Latvian search engine that crawl internet shops and index their goods.
CSV robot is crawling only shops that have buisness activity in Latvia or shops that have posibility to deliver goods to Latvia.
CSV robots do not copy / archive content.
To allow CSV robot fully crawl your content please add the folllowing line to your robots.txt:
	User-Agent: CSV
	Allow: /
Default scanning interval for CSV robot is 1 page per 45 seconds.
To increase scanning interval for Ubele robot please add the following lines to your robots.txt
	User-Agent: CSV
	crawl-delay: 10
To disable crawling please add
	User-Agent: CSV
	Disallow: /
Once crawling is disabled. CSV robot will never crawl your internet shop.
If you want put back your shop to CSV.lv index CSV.lv will charge you € 200